Alumni News: Where are the Blue Nova Sisters now?

Whatever happened to those Broughton seniors who produced the superb CD of Scottish traditional music several years ago?  Tudor Morris, Broughton’s head of music, passes on impressive news of their subsequent successes.

Maeve Gilchrist (pictured) went on to graduate from Berklee College of Music in the USA with the help of a Dewar Award.  She has remained in America and has released 2 CDs.

Orna Gilchrist still plays in various Ceilidh Bands around Scotland but has avoided a  full time musical career to work with animals and horticulture at the Edinburgh Zoo and Royal Botanical Gardens.

Mairi Macleod graduated from The Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester and is teaching and has just released her first solo CD.

Rachel Newton has graduated from Newcastle and is recording (2CDs) and touring with The Shee, an all-female folk supergroup who have been likened to the genre’s equivalent of the Spice Girls!  They have also won numerous awards.

Hannah Read followed Maeve to Berklee College in Boston after studies in Paris.  She is also about to release a new CD, and is getting a great deal of exposure in America.

Fiona Rutherford graduated from Dartington and completed her masters at Edinburgh University. She is currently studying for a PhD and has written the music for 2 award-winning independent feature films; she also writes for theatre and concert hall.

Katherine Stewart won a prestigious scholarship that allowed her to study mathematics at Imperial College, London, and simultaneously study music at the Royal College of Music.  She has formed a popular Ceilidh Band and still performs regularly.

As Mr Morris observes, that was quite a gathering of talent.  The girls do still collaborate from time to time.  Fiona and Rachel (together with ex-music school staff and students Mairi Campbell, Su-a Lee and Lauren Mackie) were rehearsing in school last weekend for a Celtic Connections concert.  See .  Maeve and Hannah work also together in New York and Boston.

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