Big Science at Broughton


The Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, a research collaborative between Edinburgh University, the Medical Research Council, and Cancer Research UK, was delighted once again, on Wednesday 28th November, to open its doors to senior BHS pupils, to showcase the remarkable science happening right on their doorstep.

Coordinated by Faculty Head of Science Mr Dave Cockburn and IGMM Scientist Dr Joe Rainger, the event allowed pupils to observe demonstrations of real-life experiments, such as computer-aided dissections, micro-CT of bones, as well as learning why some worms and fish glow fluorescently. They were also able to see what it’s really like doing a career in the sciences, and were given advice on how actually to become a scientist.

Here were the demonstrators and their topics:

Dr Shipra Bhatatia & Dr DJ Kleinjan – Zebrafish with fluorescent reporter genes

Dr Antonia Sophocolous – microCT analysis of bone disease and repair

Dr Ian Overton – Gene networks and bioinformatics computer programming

Ailsa Revuelta – Human genetics and inherited diseases

Harris Morrisson – Optical Projection Tomography (computerised anatomy of gene expression)

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