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Leith School of Art’s Foundation Course Open Day on Tuesday 29th September

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There is an open day for the Leith School of Art’s Foundation Course on Tuesday 29th of September. Please feel free to bring your young learner to visit the school if they might be interested in joining after they finish at Broughton. The school will be open from 10am to 3pm, and they’re happy to conduct portfolio reviews if students would like any feedback on their work.

For questions, please feel free to call the school on 0131 554 5761 or email them at

Live table of university open days and application deadlines

hot off the press

Here is a live table of open days and application deadline for a selection of universities across the UK. Please feel free to share this with interested students. Suggestions (and relevant data) for more universities are welcome.

University Open Days and Application Dates

getting there

Here’s a table we’re compiling, of university open days and application details for entry in 2016.  It’s a quick-reference tool for all Broughton families readying for the big leap!

If you’re researching this for yourself, and you come across additions or corrections for our table, please e-mail them, if you would, for the benefit of your classmates and their families, to

Going forward, by the way, we’re also working on a way of connecting aspiring applicants from Broughton High with alumni at these various universities.  Watch this space.


S4 Work Experience


All S4 students are given the opportunity to undertake a week’s work experience during the course of the year.  The letter issued to parents regarding this is here.

If students are finding their own work placements, this form MUST be completed by the employer and returned to their Guidance teacher by no later than 21 September.

A copy of the Letter of Understanding between the Councils and Firms or Organisations providing Work Experience Placements is available to download here.

Creative Industries Open Day at Edinburgh College

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Here’s something of interest to many of our leavers.  Edinburgh College is holding an open day for programmes in the creative industries.  It’s to be on Wednesday, 13 August, from 10 to 3.  Here’s a great chance to learn the way forward in music production, the performing arts, broadcasting, or art and design.

Edinburgh College has several campuses.  Find out which one to go to, for which field within creative industries, here.

Go along, meet the lecturers, and have an exciting time!

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