Volunteer opportunities

There are lots of ways to help out and get involved in supporting the school – whether you are able to make a big commitment, or just an hour here and there.  If you would like to help out in any way, contact us at: clerk.bhspc@broughtonhighpc.org

Youth Music Initiative Sounds Like Saturday Cafés

We will be looking for anyone interested in volunteering for the Youth Music Initiative Sounds Like Saturday Music café whenever Saturday classes are able to resume.  If you are interested, please let us know!

 Shift times

  1. first (9am-10:30am)
  2. second (10:30am-11:30am)
  3. third (11:30 to 13:00)

Contact us at intouch@broughtonhighpc.org if you would like to join the friendly Saturday team!

Broughton Association – the Broughton Association undertakes fundraising throughout the year.  Money raised goes to support school departments (see BA page on our site for more details).  Several long-standing committee members left at the end of the last school year so new recruits are required to keep events such as the Chess Cafés, Sounds like Saturday music cafés and parent socials running.   Committee meetings are held approximately once per month on a Thursday evening, 7-8pm,  throughout term-time, usually in the Community Room at Waitrose.  Check our diary page for the next meeting.

Contact Lesley, chair of BHSA, at: bhsassociation@gmail.com

Bro-Works – the Bro-Works committee are looking for a few new members.   Parents on the committee support the school’s careers fair, help pupils to find work experience and run the hugely successful Bro-Works Careers Breakfasts.   Currently meetings are held approx once per month, at the school on a Friday morning during term-time.

Cafés – the Broughton Association run weekend fundraising cafés which bring in valuable funding for the school.  Volunteer for an hour or two or donate some soup or home baking to contribute.  Dates for the Chess Cafés are on the PC calendar on this website, Sounds Like Saturday cafés run throughout the school year.

200 Club – this charity lottery is another fantastic fundraising initiative, new helpers are always welcome.  The only commitment is to attend short meetings held approximately once a month on a weekday evening.  You can join the 200 Club for a minimum of £5 per month.  Contact Colin Gilbert at: 200Club@broughtonhighpc.org for more information.

PC members – we are always keen for more parents to come along to PC meetings.   At the moment, all committee posts are filled so there is no obligation to sign your life away!  However, the more parents attend, the wider a range of views gets fed back to the school, and small jobs can be shared out more fairly.  Meetings are held approximately once per term on a Tuesday from 6p.m.  Dates for the rest of this year are on the calendar in the diary page of this site.

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