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5 responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Alexandra Black says :

    I would be interested in getting involved in the Parent Council. I have two girls at BHS now and my son will join them in August.

  2. Emma Scott Bell says :

    Good afternoon, I have a son who has just started P1 at Flora’s and another who is just two years old. We came to the SeptemberFest today for the first time and I just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed it! Apart from most things being free there was something for everyone. Having two boys we spent all the time outside either on assault courses, on bouncy castles or in a fire engine. Mr Puffin was AMAZING! And a £1 pizza was perfect for lunch! So thank you to the Parent Council and all the amazing volunteers and suppliers who helped on the day. It obviously helped that the sun shone brilliantly all day but I have to say Broughton High School also shone all day long. Thank you so much. I hope you raised lots of funds and we look forward to next year’s!

  3. Naomi Crowley says :

    So glad you enjoyed the day! It went really well and everyone seemed to be having fun. The aims of the event are to have a fun and inclusive day for everyone, to raise the profile of Broughton High School and to bring the community into the school. Surprisingly it is not a fundraiser so that we can keep the activities free or very cheap, and just we aim to break even! See you at next years Septemberfest!

    The Septemberfest Team

  4. Stuart Roy McIVOR says :

    i hope all goes well with BHS Parent Council. Fiona I think left me an invitation away back to come along to a meeting. i was in the Middle East at the time and did not pick up the voicemail until a long time later so apologies.. Please get in touch again if you think I can help.
    Stuart R McIVOR ex Vice Convenor Education Children and Families and retired cllr.

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