January 200 Club draw

Have you won in our January 200 Club draw? Here’s the results…..


Draw Date : January 2019
Income : £220.00
Profit : £132.00
Place Number Prize School Name
1st 55 £30.00 B Ms J Bain
2nd 38 £22.00 B Mrs J Christie
3rd 117 £14.00 B Mr R H Taylor
4th 266 £12.00 B Ms J Franklin
5th 155 £10.00 B Ms J Bain
Total : £88.00

December 200 Club draws

It’s December folks, so that means two draws instead of one…yay! Have you won?

Draw Date : Xmas 2018
Income : £216.00
Profit : £91.00
Place Number Prize School Name
1st 134 £50.00 B Mr H M Welsh
2nd 58 £30.00 S Ms A Secchi
3rd 137 £20.00 B Mr I McLean
4th 159 £15.00 S A Franks
5th 358 £10.00 B Mr A Nairn
Total : £125.00


Draw Date : December 2018
Income : £216.00
Profit : £130.00
Place Number Prize School Name
1st 20 £30.00 B Mrs L Johnston
2nd 377 £20.00 B Mrs M A McHugh
3rd 126 £14.00 B Mr D Brownlee
4th 258 £12.00 B Mr A Nairn
5th 72 £10.00 B Mrs J Thomson
Total : £86.00

Parent Council and Broughton Association seek qualified accountant

Both the PC and the Broughton Association need to have their annual accounts independently reviewed by a qualified accountant.  We are currently seeking an accountant to help – is there anyone among the parents/carers/friends of Broughton who could step in for this important (but not too onerous) annual task?

For more information please contact the PC Treasurer, Jane Norie: jnorie71@gmail.com .

Please feel free to spread the word among your financially-minded friends and family!

Parent Council meeting: Weds 28th November 2018 6pm

The next Parent Council meeting is this Wednesday, 28th November, from 6pm.  Meetings are held in the school staff-room on the first floor.  All parents/carers are welcome to attend, and there is no problem if you can’t stay for the full meeting.

PC meetings are a great opportunity to find out what is happening at the school and to meet members of the senior leadership team and other parents.

Draft minutes of the previous meeting are available on the PC website: broughtonghighpc.org in the “About” section.




Careers Fair Friday 16th November – reminder

The Bro-Works S4-S6 Careers Fair is tomorrow, parents and younger pupils welcome between 11.30 and 12.30. Parents please sign in at reception.
In addition to the participants listed previously, Addelshaw Goddard (Law), Aldi (Retail) and Aecom (Engineering) will also be present.

S4/5/6 Careers Fair – Friday 16 Nov 2018

Next Friday morning, all S4/5/6 pupils will have the opportunity to attend the annual Broughton Works Careers Fair.  This event will:

  • operate during class time; pupils will be released from lessons

  • have over 40 small & large employers, and further education institutions present

  • be a great opportunity to network and find out valuable information about career and subject choices.

With many stands in the room and around 200 students at a time, it’s important that pupils think in advance about how to get the greatest benefit from the event.  A list of industries is below; please speak to your pupil in advance about which stands they might wish to visit, but also encourage them to have an open mind while “browsing” across the room.


What can pupils do to prepare?

  • Reflect on the career areas that they are interested in

  • Prepare some questions that they could ask

  • Practise starting a conversation so that they get used to the idea of speaking to unfamiliar adults!

We are hugely grateful to all the individuals and organisations giving up their time to support our pupils by participating in this event.  It would be most appreciated if you can encourage your pupils to make the very most of this opportunity, and to actively engage with our guests; thank you.

Parents and Carers:

From 11.30 – 12.30, the Careers Fair will be open to S1 to S3 pupils and also to parents and carers. Please contact the clerk if you can attend and remember to sign in at reception when you arrive.


Please let us know if you can volunteer to help manage the event, from 8.30 am until 12.30pm. Email the clerk if you can help – clerk.bhspc@broughtonhighpc.org

Careers Fair Participants



  • Wessex Archaeology


  • North Edinburgh Childcare

  • Little Monkeys nursery

              Construction & Engineering

  • Construction firms – Keir Construction; Thomas Johnstone Ltd

  • Engineering – Technip; Leonardo

              Creative Industries

  • Sculpture – ECA lecturer

  • Art – National Galleries of Scotland

  • Dance – Dance Base; Biodanza

  • Music Recording – Banana Row Studio

  • Theatre – Festival Theatre

  • Architecture – David Blaikie Architects

             Emergency Services

  • Police Scotland

  • Scottish Ambulance Service

              Financial Services

  • Lloyds, Bank of Scotland; HSBC

             Further Education / Careers

  • Napier University

  • Edinburgh College

  • Skills Development Scotland

  • The Scottish Government – Modern apprenticeships

  • QA Training – employment agency

  • Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC)

  • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


  • Hairdressing – Matthew Watt

             Health & Wellbeing

  • Osteopathy – Glynis Smith

  • Social Care

  • Pharmacology – Boots

  • Veterinary Medicine – Abercorn Vets

  • Nursing

  • Edinburgh Leisure

  • Medical Research – Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM)

  • Medicine – “You can be a Doctor”

             Hospitality & Tourism

  • Hotel – Holiday Inn, Events Management & Catering

  • Hotel – Apex


  • Software Development – Cultivate

  • Public Sector IT and Cyber Security – City of Edinburgh Council


  • Translator


  • Legal Dept – City of Edinburgh Council

             Scottish Government

  • Scottish Government

  • Local Councillor – Hal Osler

200 Club Draw

Hi folks, here’s the results from the November 200 Club Draw. Are you one of the lucky winners?


Draw Date : November 2018
Income : £220.00
Profit : £132.00
Place Number Prize School Name
1st 66 £30.00 B Ms J Brown
2nd 355 £22.00 B Mr S Brown
3rd 255 £14.00 B Mr S Brown
4th 18 £12.00 B Tony Dougan
5th 380 £10.00 B Mrs F Cooke
Total : £88.00
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