200 Club post-lockdown draws

A message from Colin Gilbert, 200 Club Co-ordinator:

Some of you have no doubt noticed the dearth of recent prizes from the 200 Club. Normally I run the draw with 2 witnesses present, but under Covid lockdown restrictions, this was impossible. Initially we simply paused, expecting to resume fairly quickly, but of course, things have now gone on for far longer than we envisaged. So, I’m temporarily running the draw with one family member as witness and will submit documents to the other witnesses via email for their verification.

Tonight I’m pleased to say that we caught up on the draws up to June. July and August will follow shortly. Every one of your contributions has been counted and the catch-up draws included all your numbers for the appropriate number of entries.

I want to once again thank you sincerely for your ongoing support – it means so much to the school.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Gilbert

200 Club Coordinator
E-mail: 200Club@broughtonhighpc.org

Here are all the lucky winners after the bumper draw:

The 200 Club raises vital funds for the Broughton Association, and for the winners each month! If you would like to join, email Colin at: 200Club@broughtonhighpc.org

BroWorks Summer Book Bank

The BroWorks team are running a Book Bank where you can pick up or donate books, DVDs, games etc every Tuesday afternoon, 1-4pm, throughout the summer holidays. Let’s keep everyone entertained!

Find them at the outdoor classroom – in the school garden (Waitrose side of the school).

If you have books etc to donate but can’t make it on a Tuesday, please e-mail Aletta at: clerk.bhspc@broughtonhighpc.org to make an arrangement.

Bro Works Summer Book Bank

The Bro Works team have started a Book Bank which will run every Tuesday afternoon, 1-4 pm, from the outdoor classroom (in the school garden by the gate on the Waitrose side of the school).

Please drop in to donate and pick up books, games, DVDs to keep everyone occupied over the holidays.

If you have items to donate but can’t make it on a Tuesday, please e-mail Aletta at: clerk.bhspc@broughtonhighpc.org to make arrangements.

Notes from PC meeting 13th May 2020

The PC committee met online with Mr Wilson on 13th May to discuss the transition to online learning and parents’ questions. Notes from the meeting are now available in the Minutes of PC Meetings section of our website:


We hope to meet again in early June – do let us know if there are issues you would like us to raise with the school. You can contact the Parent Council by e-mailing: clerk.bhspc@broughtonhighpc.org or by sending a message through our Facebook page. We also have the askaparent@broughtonhighpc.org e-mail account for general queries.

Raise your queries with the Parent Council

The Parent Council hope to meet online with senior staff next week.  If you have any topics you would like the PC to raise please let us know.  You can e-mail us at: clerk.bhspc@broughtonhighpc.org or message us through our Facebook page.
We are also running the Ask A Parent e-mail service if you have general queries:
Please remember that you should contact the school directly if you have specific concerns about your child’s learning.  Contact details for the guidance teachers are available on the school’s recent newsletter.
Please make sure you are signed up for alerts from the school’s website – click on the subscribe link on the News and Events and Covid 19 section to keep up to date.  If you haven’t already completed the survey from this week’s newsletter, you can find it here:  https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=af6sSGo3tUKfacnke7-5xFXKK_lVa05MqCChF6u83d1UNUsyQVA0M0c3MThXNFo0UDk5MjdFMUdGSy4u
With best wishes from everyone on the PC.
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