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Scottish Referendum: Broughton pupils speak!

As promised, here is that Sky News broadcast on the referendum, that features a group of Broughton pupils being interviewed. It’s exciting stuff, and we’re proud our young people are involved!

Broughton interviewees on the news!

Our students are getting a lot of coverage relating to the vote for 16-17 year olds. Forth News spoke last week with Jodie Wilson, 17, Alex Law, 17, Cailean Osborne, 16 and Duncan Robb, 16 (pictured above), and have put their views into a podcast, which you can hear here. As if that weren’t impressive enough, Sky News has interviewd them too, with others from the Music School providing a musical intro. Their segment will probably be broadcast on Sky News some time after 5 PM on Monday (15th), and will also be available to view on the Sky News website!

Stolen pupil files — update statement from our Headteacher, Mr John Wilson

As the Headteacher I was contacted at home during the summer break and informed that the files had gone missing as a result of a burglary. The member of staff concerned, who reports directly to her line manager based outwith the school itself, and the City of Edinburgh took appropriate emergency action to minimise the potential damage as a result of the loss of the files. Needless to say the families who were affected received apologies from Council officers as well as being kept informed about the investigation. All the files were recovered intact.

Below is an extract from a statement issued from Council headquarters on 20th July 2012.

‘Action Taken

The Police were contacted immediately by the member of staff. She was able to identify the children whose records were affected and this afternoon attempts were made to contact the parents of all affected children by phone. Letters were also courier delivered to each affected household. The Information Commissioner’s office has been contacted by phone to alert them and this will be followed up with a written report.

Next Steps

Senior Officers within Children and Families are investigating the circumstances. We are working with the member of staff to identify the chain of events and appropriate action will be taken.

All staff will be reminded of their role in ensuring that confidential information is kept safe and secure.’

John J Wilson

Broughton’s Performance School profile rises

This week’s blog post from the Scottish FA highlights the unique learning and growing environment for future footballers at Broughton. Coach Greg Miller, a former J-League manager and head of youth at Stirling Albion, says that four years of steady training without any pressure over team selection is crucial to developing a culture of physical and mental performance. See that very interesting blog post here.

Pupil files stolen from Edinburgh City Council worker’s home

Parents and carers may have heard of the theft of school records over the summer. Just to clarify what is known about this, here is the text of the report by BBC News online, from 19 July, 2012.

“An investigation has been launched after 45 school pupil files were stolen from an Edinburgh City Council worker’s home.

The files relate to pupils at Broughton High School, Granton Primary and Forthview Primary who have had contact with the Education Welfare Service.

The files were stolen during a burglary on Wednesday.

The council said the files were “predominantly” about school attendance.

An Edinburgh City Council spokeswoman told the BBC Scotland news website: “We are working closely with the police on this matter but believe that these files weren’t targeted by the thief.

‘We are making contact with all the families this information relates to and have made staff available to them to help with any questions or concerns they may have’.”

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