February 200 Club Winners!

Here are the latest draw winners.  Remember, anyone can join.  Just e-mail us (at intouch@broughtonhighpc.org) to set it up.

1st prize, £40.00, to M Kinnaird

2nd prize, £27.00, to Mr & Mrs P McTavish

3rd prize, £20.00, to Mrs S Shaw

4th prize, £15.00, to Mrs F Cooke

5th prize, £10.00, to Mrs A Mariani

Here are some interesting facts from the 9 draws so far this year:  53% of members have won something; 2 members have won 3 times; 8 members have won twice; and the top 3 profiteers are all women, with the only 2 Fionas sharing over £150 between them.

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