Youth Philanthrophy Initiative

S4 Pupils have been working in teams to research the needs of their community and identify a local charity they believe is best placed to make a positive change.  They have been learning how to assess the charity’s management, strategy, staffing arrangements and services.  Possibly the most important aspect of YPI is the site visit pupils have made to their chosen charity.  By visiting a charity, the pupils are developing a real understanding of some of the challenges facing the community and will, we hope, be inspired to work to change society for the better.

S4 pupils will present their chosen charity to a panel of judges.  One team will receive a cheque for £3000 to be given to their charity.

The final presentations from S4 pupils will be on Thursday 22nd March from 2pm-3.30pm.  If you would like to attend this event please contact John Cudlipp at Broughton High School.

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