Appeals Committee volunteer service opportunity

Dear Parent Council Member

I write to invite you to consider becoming a Parent Representative of the Council’s Placing in Schools Appeal Committee. The committee comprises a member of each of the following panels:

Panel 1:  All members of the Council or Education Children and Families   Committee dealing with Education Items;

Panel 2:  Ten parents of school age children, nominated by the Consultative Committee with Parents;

Panel 3:  Chairperson, suitably qualified with experience in education or acquainted with educational conditions in Edinburgh, nominated by the Director of Children and Families.

The committee considers the following types of appeals:

  • Placing requests for P1 and S1 – these appeals are held during May and June each year and this is the busiest time for the appeal committee.
  • Placing requests at any time for all primary and secondary years
  • Exclusions – these appeals can be in an attempt to have the pupil re-instated at the school or if they have been re-instated to have the exclusion removed from the child’s school record.

There is no payment made for membership of the committee but travelling expenses are available. Full training is provided prior to participating on the committee.

The committee clerk who organises the meetings attempts, as much as possible, to rotate the membership to spread the workload as evenly as possible between the members. The busiest period of the year is during May and June when the annual placing appeals are being heard and availability during this period is desirable.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee or require any additional information please contact me on 0131 529 4106 or e-mail


Yours faithfully



For Acting Head of Legal and Administrative Services

(as Clerk to the Appeal Committee)


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