The 200 Club — win money and support Broughton High!

What is the 200 Club?

The 200 Club is a monthly cash prize draw based on subscription from members. It’s the main source of fundraising for the Parent Council, raising around £2,000 each year for the Broughton Association.

How does it work?

Members make a regular contribution of at least £4 per month to the 200 Club (there’s no maximum subscription). For each £1 donated, a lucky number is allocated, and each month five lucky numbers are selected by a random number generator. 40% of the subscription income is awarded as cash prizes, split up between the five winners. The remaining income is donated by the 200 Club to the Broughton Association.

How much can I win?

Prize money each month is dependent on the number of active members; current the 200 Club monthly income is around £280, which means prizes worth £112 are awarded – this is split between five winners, receiving between £10 and £40 each. As the membership increases, so does the prize money – for example, if the income was £400, the top prize would be £60.

How do I join?

If you have electronic banking, you can join the 200 Club by email, and set up your subscription electronically; otherwise, you’ll have to fill in a membership form which includes a Standing Order form which we send to your bank. Either way, the first step is simply to email, and we’ll help you through the process.

Where’s the catch?

There is no catch! Each month the 200 Club gives away 40% of the income in prize money, and the Broughton Association get the remaining 60% of the income; there’s only one exception – in
December each year we run an additional Christmas Draw without any further subscription, so there are 10 winners each December, though the income for the Broughton Association
is obviously reduced that month.

The 200 Club is the easiest way for you to support the fundraising activities of the Parent Council, and the more people who join, the bigger the prizes – just email today, and you could be next month’s winner!

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