Partnerships with Broughton High School

We are currently looking to build on the existing partnerships that we have with individuals, parents, groups, organisations and businesses. Our relationship with the community, parents and businesses is essential in providing the best opportunities for pupils at Broughton high School as well as contributing to the school and wider community. We have a number of important partnerships at present such as links with the Inter Faith organisation, Christian and Muslim communities who share first hand experiences with pupils, Humanitarian and Charity links with organisations such as the Red Cross, Headway, Make a wish Foundation, Teenage cancer Trust, Alcoholics Anonymous and many more. Businesses such as Sodexo, Waitrose, Black Horse finance, Statestreet and Douglas Brotherston and Scottish Business in the Community. These organisations and individuals provide an invaluable link for BHS pupils to gain mentoring, advice, support and also work experience opportunities to better prepare them for the transition from school to further education or the workplace. If you would like to find out more, then please get in touch with Mr John Cudlipp, in the Religious, Moral, and Philosophical Studies Department, at

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