Letter from Massimo

We just got a lovely letter from young Massimo, a student who joined us from Germany for part of last session. We’re pleased to note that he really enjoyed his stay!

Here is what he says:

‘Hello Broughton High

First of all I want to thank you for being so nice to me, especially Patrick was great help. I was surprised, that I didn’t have to get up at 6.30 am to be in time for school because in Germany my school starts at 7.55 am. Beginning school at 8.30 am is for me a better way to start the day. I needed the time to knot my tie properly. However the lessons end at 4.00 pm, while in Germany school ends at 1.00 pm and we have to do a lot of homework. At Broughton High school every teacher has his own classroom with a touch screen board. At my school in Germany the pupils have their classroom and most of the time they stay there. In Scotland you have more subjects like drama and social education. I really like drama and football of course. I was impressed how many football fields you have. Greg was a good coach and I enjoyed the training very much.

I’d love to come to Scotland again and visit Broughton High. If somebody wants to come to Germany and stay there to visit my school, contact me. Of course the school football team is invited, to come to Germany and play against our school team.

Best regards from Würzburg, Germany


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