Scottish schools to get extra £1m for musical instruments


Schools are to be given an extra £1m by the Scottish government to buy musical instruments for pupils, says a recent news post from the BBC.

Ministers will also set up a working group to look at music tuition fees, which can vary across councils.

Among issues it will examine is the question of charges for pupils sitting SQA music exams.

The EIS teaching union, which has been campaigning for “fair access” to music education for pupils in all parts of Scotland, welcomed the announcements.

Minister for Learning Alasdair Allan said every child should have the opportunity to learn an instrument.

“Currently, there are too many children being put off taking up music because of the cost of the instrument,” he said.

Mr Allan said the new Instrumental Music Group would look at how music tuition is delivered.

He added: “The group’s work will also examine how we ensure local musical traditions are catered for as well as studying what role the wider musical community can play in supporting our ambitions for our children.”

The group, which will include representatives of parents and teachers, will start work in January and report back next summer.

Read the rest of this exciting article here.

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