200 Club winners for May

grant money

Winners from this month’s 200 Club drawing are …

1st, £40.00, S Mackerron

2nd, £25.00, Mr N Bagshaw

3rd, £19.00, Mrs L Johnston

4th, £13.00, Mrs R Fraser

5th, £10.00, Mrs E Todd

Total raised for the school: £266.00

Some interesting facts about this year’s activity, with 1 more month to go before the financial year end:

• Two of the winners this month are former head teachers.

• At least 9 members will end the year with a clear profit.

• 8 of these are ladies.

• At least 3 members will profit by more than £20 over the year.

• The biggest winner this year (by far!) is Maggie Rosario, with 6 wins and a £40 profit (so far!).

• No surprise, Maggie also has the longest winning streak — but after winning five months in row, none of her numbers came up this month!

• A further 12 people have won twice, and 2 more have won 3 times.

• In all, 39 people have won something this year, out of 63 members.

• Current surplus generated so far is £1,701, which will likely rise to £1,850 next month. That’s some fundraising! Why not give it a go yourself?

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