Biggest triumph yet for S1 footballers!


Last week the boys won the Under 13 Scottish Cup for Broughton High School. They played against a very strong and skilful Grange Academy team who had scored 46 goals in the seven rounds to get to the final.

We were down 1-0 at half time and the Broughton supporters feared the worst. However, our boys played superbly in the second half and showed huge character and determination, individually and collectively. They deservedly won the final 2-1. They must have been exhausted but very proud, as are the staff who went to the game.

This competition dates back to 1904, and yet this is the first time that Broughton High School has ever won it. That’s 109 years of trying. This year the same team has also won the Edinburgh Schools league.

Here is the match report from Youth Football Scotland.

And here is a list of the young champs. Watch for these names in Scottish football from now on!

Ross Coats
Daniel Nichol
Aaron Cowper-Barrie
David Whalen
Steven Mackay
Bradley Whyte
Callum Hall
Reece Rintoul
Ciaran Brian
Jason Jarvis
Jackson Lee
Washe Manyathelo
Lewis Eddington
Mac McCloy
Ronald Devlin

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