Science Success at STEM Faraday Challenge Day


We are delighted to report that the six pupils who participated in the Faraday Challenge at Trinity Academy this week have won the trophy on behalf of our school.

The Faraday Challenge Days are cross-curricular activity sessions sponsored by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, pursuant to the national initiative to prepare young people for ‘STEM’ careers, which is to say, jobs in Science, Design and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These are held at schools and colleges around the UK and have proved to be enormously popular.

Our science heroes are Robbie Ashdown-Adams (1A3), Neela Hossain (1R1), Lily Intihar (1R3), Jasmine Millington (1R3), John Swanson (1N2), and Alan Widurski (1R2). Please congratulate them (and indeed Fiona Borth who accompanied the students) if you see them!

One response to “Science Success at STEM Faraday Challenge Day”

  1. Harald says :

    Great to hear good BHS news from the sciences and maths, too.

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