3 more 200 Club draws: here are the winners!

hot off the press

Here are the results of the last three 200 Club draws, that of January and December, and the free Christmas draw (free being the reason it generated no income). Spot the lucky retired teacher?

Draw Date: January 2014
Income: £258.00
Profit: £154.00

Prize Name

£40.00 Mrs L Johnston
£25.00 Mrs C Wilson
£17.00 Ms P Bonallo
£12.00 Mr R H Taylor
£10.00 Mrs R Fraser

£104.00 Total

Draw Date: Xmas 2013
Income: £0.00
Profit: -£125.00

Prize Name

£50.00 Mr I Gordon
£30.00 Mr I Gordon
£20.00 Mr D Small
£15.00 Mrs J Thomson
£10.00 Mrs I Brownlee

£125.00 Total

Draw Date: December 2013
Income: £258.00
Profit: £154.00

Prize Name

£40.00 Ms J Brown
£25.00 Mrs L Johnston
£17.00 Mrs J Little
£12.00 Mrs E Todd
£10.00 Mr D Martin

£104.00 Total

Remember, you can e-mail the 200club@broughtonhighpc.org and find out how you can win too!

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