Last 200 Club Draw of the School Year!

grant money

Draw Date : June 2015  
Income : £249.00    
Profit : £151.00    
Place Number Prize Name
1st 165 £40.00 Ms P Bonallo
2nd 371 £22.00 Mr J Sellar
3rd 103 £14.00 Mr G Robertson
4th 81 £12.00 J Goddard
5th 263 £10.00 Mr T Christie
  Total : £98.00  


Well, here are the results for the month of May.  That’s £2,997 total income for year, with total prize giveaways of £1,337, leaving a profit to the school of £1,660!

There are 53 active members in the 200 Club.  Why not add your name to the list and have a go yourself — all the while benefiting our great school!

2 responses to “Last 200 Club Draw of the School Year!”

  1. wickywocky says :


    I’d like to join the 200 club. Please can you let me know how to join.

    Jenny Wilson

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