Shop online and help our Polar Academy!


If you shop online you could help Broughton High School’s Polar Expedition!

It’s true!  Real explorer Craig Mathieson’s role-model outreach programme is inviting young people to take part in an upcoming arctic trip!  On their return they’ll be ambassadors to other young people, peers who can talk to them about raising their life expectations and rising to their potential.

The Broughton team is ready to go.  But they need money.  To this end they’ve registered with ‘Easy Fundraising’.

If you register on this, many of your online purchases trigger small donations from your retailers!

It’s quick and simple, and all you do is click here and get started.

It’s an earner for our Explorers that won’t cost you a penny!

Read all about the Polar Academy here, then sign up and help our Broughton team launch!



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