Welcome to the Parent Council for Broughton High School, Edinburgh

broughtonFUNday1_0098Our school values and welcomes the help of parents and other family members. Many can attend meetings to discuss and debate school matters, but there are lots of other ways to get involved if that does not suit you.

Engagement through other methods such as email is equally greatly valued so please get in touch even if you cannot attend meetings.

We need support with school activities and events, and in supporting the management of the school. There are formal and informal ways of helping out.

  • Read our latest news here.
  • Update your diary here.

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So, what can you do? Take part in:

  • One of the groups (Management, Fund Raising or Communications)
  • Events (planning, running or promoting)
  • The 200 club (a monthly cash lottery by joining, running or promoting)
  • After-school clubs & Breakfast clubs (running or promoting)
  • School trips (planning or attending)

Active Parents

What help is needed most?

  • Volunteers for fund-raising and planning events (Broughton Association)
  • A  small army of hospitality hosts for events
  • Communication experts to support both the School and the Parent Council
  • Ambassadors to develop contact with cluster primaries

If you would like to get involved in making Broughton even better please e-mail us at:  intouch@broughtonhighpc.org or drop a comment below.

The themes and priorities below – as approved by BHS Parent Council – will guide the activities of PC officers and sub-groups throughout the year. The action plans for the sub-groups and the PC will allow us to report transparently on our activities to the parent forum. Themes and Priorities

  • support and monitor school’s measures to implement HMIE report findings
  • support and monitor progress of CFE implementation and communication
  • monitor letting targets and impact of reduced business support
  • ensure timely filing of OSCR accounts
  • and also specifically:
    • support measures aimed at improving parental engagement
    • support measures aimed at improving attendance and consistent behaviour management
    • monitor and support school’s measures to build on good outcomes in Physics, PE, English, History

The Communications Group will:

  • keep PC website up to date
  • to build on established platforms and develop engagement on email, website, facebook and twitter by 25% each
  • to develop a new School website which will provide a more time- and cost-effective platform for the school to administer
  • to provide guidance to the School website development team about what parents consider important for an effective school website
  • to issue an e-newsletter at the beginning and end of each term
  • to issue a hard-copy newsletter via the school distribution at the end of the school year.

The Broughton Association will:

  • plan and deliver September Fest
  • raise funds for the Charity by fundraising and social activities which foster more extended relations between staff, parents and others associated with the school.
  • Support the school by making donations which will advance the education of those attending it.

Management Support Group will:

  • hold regular meetings interspersed with full Parent Council meetings
  • lead parental discussion on HMIE report implementation
  • lead parental discussion on Curriculum for Excellence implementation
  • fight budget cuts and take up any specific issues affecting the school
  • maintain interaction with cluster primary parent councils
  • seek to involve senior pupils in PC and MSG meetings
  • represent BHS PC at CCWP

Parent Council will:

  • hold one full Parent Council during each term plus AGM in first term of the school year
  • get more parents involved with Parent Council using a variety of strategies
  • assist with recruitment of senior staff
  • draft PC Action Plan for subsequent period (Nov to Oct ) with input from Comms Group, Broughton Association and Management Support Group for endorsement at Parent Council AGM
  • seek to increase membership of the 200club by 10 per year

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  1. Julia says :

    Picked up a copy of ‘Inside Broughton High School’ at Septemberfest. What a great idea to show some of the school’s achievements and what a fantastic event!

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