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‘Attend to Achieve’ — Broughton High School’s attendance polity

Here is Broughton’s attendance policy, taken from the School website, just to clarify policy for new parents and carers.

“Most pupils go to school every day and enjoy it. Some children though have problems in attending school. This could be for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you, as a parent or guardian are aware of it, sometimes not. It is very important all pupils do attend school regularly, so they make the most of the learning opportunities available to them and therefore make the most of themselves. Their future depends on it.

The total number of school days per year for pupils is 190. Losing even a few can have an effect. Missing out lessons can leave gaps in knowledge which can be hard to fill later. This is why ensuring your child attends school is crucial. This session we will be working even harder in school to improve attendance. I would ask that you support the school in this matter by
contacting the school if your child is unable to attend.

What to do if your child cannot attend school:

Telephone 0131 332 3106 or email on the first day of absence. When your child returns to school please give them a note of explanation of the absence – this should be given by the pupil to the group tutor. If the absence is to be prolonged the pupil’s guidance teacher will make arrangements for work to be sent home.

These procedures should help your child achieve their potential. Working together, school staff and parents can make a difference. Unless there are exceptional reasons, permission for holidays in term time will be refused. As part of our School Improvement Plan we hope to significantly reduce the number of student absences in session 2012 – 2013.”

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