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Sounds Like Saturday totals for 2013/14 — wow!

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Accounts having been audited now, Hugh Duffy reports that the total money raised for the school from the Saturday morning cafe for the academic year 2013 / 2014 was £2,478.60.  We raised a further £127.55 on Saturday at the Soccer 4’s festival as well.
Many thanks to everyone involved, as this is a really worthwhile activity, and it raises money with a smile !

‘Sounds Like Saturday’ cafe is going strong! Won’t you get involved too?

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Just a quick note to let you know that the Saturday morning cafe at the Sounds like Saturday activities in Broughton High School banked £1,268.22 into the Broughton Association account last week.

The represents most of the profit that we have made since August 2013 (plus a decent sized float left over).

As well as being a great advert for the school, it also raises money whilst being a cheery and friendly place for everyone involved.

If any other parent wants to get involved, please get in touch as we could always do with another volunteer or two, and it’s a great way to find out more about the school whilst chatting to the other parent volunteers.

Many thanks to everyone involved.

Hugh Duffy
BHS Parent Council

Sounds Like Saturday is starting up again — can you help?

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The Sounds Like Saturday morning music classes start again this Saturday 28th September. This is Broughton’s hugely successful part in the Edinburgh Council’s ‘Youth Music Initiative’. Can you let us know if you are able to help out this year? The family café always needs volunteers. If you did help last year, a reminder about your availability would be greatly appreciated. Please get in touch directly with convener Hugh Duffy, at

Sounds Like Saturday’s brilliant finale

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Thanks for your fantastic and persistent efforts over the last year, says Hugh Duffy. He reports that he keeps bumping into people who say ‘you’re one of the Saturday morning cafe folk’, and that ‘it’s a great thing’. This is clearly a great way to help the school, and what a positive message it sends to our community! Says Hugh, ‘Thanks very much to all the volunteers who helped this year.’

Overall profit for the year? £1,690.25 Smashing!

And this is on top of raising £492.62 for red nose day.

‘Sounds Like Saturday’ (YMI) posts ever-bigger success!

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More good news from Hugh Duffy, who convenes our Saturday morning music cafe, managed and run by volunteers like you. He says, ‘The total money raised by the Saturday cafe last term was just over £700. This is in addition to the almost £500 raised for Red Nose Day.

So as well as raising the profile of the school, we are raising money for the school, and it’s all done with a smile on everyone’s face.

This is fantastic, and shows what can be achieved by even a small group of parents and pupils willing to help.’

Headteacher John Wilson adds his thanks for the sustained commitment, and looks forward to referring to this great success when the City’s quality improvement officers enquire about our community involvement over this past year.

Many thanks for all your efforts, everyone!

Sounds Like Saturday / YMI Cafe — a great season!

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We thought you’d all like to know that our Saturday music classes cafe has brought in about £700 profit for the school this term.

Our many thanks to everyone involved, especially the regular baking team Julia, Olivia & Jane, to student helpers Lauren Gaff, Ian Gilchrist, Lara Gray and Kirsten Knowles, and to the crew of regular volunteers:

Hugh Duffy & Naomi Crowley (parents of Ella S5, Lucie S2)
Julia Marshall & Olivia (S2) (and Alex S5)
Jane Bagshaw (parent of Tom S5, Amy S3)
Anna & Johnnie Webster (parents of Isabelle S4)
Mr Bosphore (French teacher),
Morag Kinnaird (Stuart S5)
Graeme Robertson & Mark (S1)

What a great effort! As always, parents and carers are more than welcome to come along and help!

Sounds Like Saturday (YMI) cafe — volunteers needed

As part of trying to advertise Broughton High School to the wider community and the potential new pupils from primary schools, the Parent Council run a cafe on Saturday mornings for the City of Edinburgh Council’s ‘Sounds like Saturday’ music classes (formally known as the ‘YMI’).

We are short of cafe volunteers, and are asking if anyone is available to help.

It would take 1 hour of your time, once or twice a month, on a rota.

What are the benefits? It has been proved that this initiative has attracted extra pupils into the school, which means that the school has increased the numbers of pupils attending in a time of falling secondary school rolls and is ultimately able to offer more subjects at higher level.

Can you spare 1 hour on a Saturday morning to help out? If you can, please let Hugh Duffy know, and he’ll be right in touch. His e-mail address is ‘’.

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