new student peace project

Just a note, about S4 Katie Messer, and her recent approach to the Parent Council for help with a remarkable world peace project.  She came with John Cudlipp, the project having germinated in a paper in his RMPS class.  She calls it ‘The Impossible Peace’, averring that peace is in fact not impossible.  She envisions 40 t-shirts, emblazoned with pictures of their wearers’ personal peace heroes — e.g. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. — and each wearer speaking a line from these individuals’ most famous speeches.  These spoken lines Katie means to film, and edit them into a composited single speech on the very real possibility of peace.  The PC was delighted to help.  What lies ahead for this film-in-the-making?  With luck, a screening at the Fringe, which has a special category into which this should fit.  Last year Katie mounted a very successful charity film festival at the school, single-handedly.  We’re optimistic about her latest plan, to say the least.

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