newly relaunched Communications Committee

The Parent Council has established a new Communications Group, to improve engagement between our school, our parents, and our wider community.  This group, with the Management Support Group and the Broughton Association, now comprise the Parent Council.  We’re delighted to announce that a member of the senior management team has just agreed to serve as our formal Comms-school link!  To get this Comms Group running and integrated, there will be a series of meetings from now until the end of the school year.  We’re working on internal organisational processes, and on enhanced ways of reaching you — we’re live on Twitter already, and on Facebook, and we offer e-news updates too.

Please help share this information and encourage people who are interested in news about Broughton High School to register for blog post notifications, on whatever platform they like best.  And please do e-mail us, at, with any questions or views you would like shared.


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