Calling all Parents: Murderers Needed

The Scottish Book Trust reports a highly successful project that has gotten S1s at Linlithgow Academy into the school library in droves. Young pupils at the school were called upon recently to solve, in 3 50-minute crime scene investigations, a gruesome murder. They were led through the crime steps by volunteers acting in the character of people involved — maybe — in the crime. See it all in detail here. The project proved very popular, and more importantly it taught the young detectives quickly how the library is organised and how you go about finding things. Would Broughton parents looking for ways to engage our own S1s consider something just as gruesome? Murder, anyone?

3 responses to “Calling all Parents: Murderers Needed”

  1. Graeme Robertson says :

    Sounds super – surely we could round up a few parents to set this up?

  2. Nicola Daniel says :

    I’m sure the school librarian would be interested in your ideas.

  3. Christine says :

    I agree that it sounds like a great experience but not sure about the availability of parents to set it up. Maybe finding out how Linlithgow Academy managed it. Could it be embraced by the English dept? Inter disciplinary Learning time? Has the school commented about it?

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