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Easter revision courses for Nat. 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher subjects


Here’s a good stress-buster for anxious families this time of year.  It’s a (very) wide array of revision sessions over the Easter break!  See the whole schedule by clicking here.

Highers in a Nutshell — updates available now

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Just a reminder, the National Parent Forum continues to roll out superb one-sheet factfiles about each of the SQA Highers.  Look at them, and the very helpful parent comments that go with them, here.  You can offer your own comments and insights too!  This is a terrifically useful resources for helping you and your anxious youngster plan the way to all the right courses.

Easter Revision Classes at Broughton


We’re advised that Easter revision classes are on, for Intermediate 2 through Advanced Highers, between 7 and 17 April. Click to see the revision class schedule. Our sincere thanks to the teachers who dedicate holiday time to run these sessions for our young learners!

BBC Bitesize — a resource for National 4/5 learners this year


Here is an interesting post from the Edinburgh Council’s Digital Learning Team blog yesterday.

‘BBC Learning have launched new BBC Bitesize content to support learners taking new National 4/5 qualifications this year.

Packed with quizzes, videos and infographics, these guides are available on mobile, tablet and desktop and will help you get to grips with the new qualifications.

The new material comprises nearly 5000 pages, more than 7000 infographics, 2000 photos and over 500 new quizzes, presented alongside thousands of educational video clips, mapped to the curriculum. Bitesize_sqa_national4_big

The launch of the National 4 and 5 content is the latest step in the new BBC Knowledge and Learning online product, which when complete will bring together factual and learning content from over 100 existing BBC websites, from Bitesize and Food to Science and History. It’s a great free resource so check it out!’

Calling all Parents: Murderers Needed

The Scottish Book Trust reports a highly successful project that has gotten S1s at Linlithgow Academy into the school library in droves. Young pupils at the school were called upon recently to solve, in 3 50-minute crime scene investigations, a gruesome murder. They were led through the crime steps by volunteers acting in the character of people involved — maybe — in the crime. See it all in detail here. The project proved very popular, and more importantly it taught the young detectives quickly how the library is organised and how you go about finding things. Would Broughton parents looking for ways to engage our own S1s consider something just as gruesome? Murder, anyone?

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