Post Vacant — looking for applicants!

Are you good at:

• administration?
• organisation?
• communication?

Do you want to:

• play an active part in supporting the running of the Parent Council?
• get paid to attend Parent Council meetings?

Why not apply for the post of Clerk to the Parent Council?

Broughton High School Parent Council
Vacancy – Clerk to the Parent Council

We wish to appoint a new Clerk to support the Parent Council (PC).

The Clerk supports the Chair of the PC by looking after the administration before, during and after the PC meetings, as well as dealing with any correspondence and other administrative support to ensure the smooth running of the PC.

They must have (or build up) a working knowledge of the PC constitution, and support the Chair in the correct operation of the PC. They must attend the PC meetings, but may not be a voting member of the PC.

City of Edinburgh Council provide funds which allow us to make a payment of up to £40 for each PC meeting attended / supported. The actual level of payment will be agreed with the successful applicant, depending on the extent of services provided.

Duties of the Clerk include:

• preparing the PC meeting schedule and making necessary bookings
• preparing an agenda in advance of each meeting
• publicising meetings / agendas to the school community in good time
• maintaining a record of attendance at PC meetings
• dealing with PC correspondence on behalf of the PC
• preparing minutes of PC meetings, recording all decisions and actions, and maintaining a historic record of all PC meetings
• circulating minutes to PC members, local Councillors, Parental Involvement Unit, school notice board and local library
• notifying the Parental Involvement Unit of any changes to the PC (eg change of office bearers or contact details).

Applications for the post of Clerk to the PC, or queries regarding the post, should be addressed to the PC Chair, no later than Friday 26 October 2012. These can be submitted via the email address, or handed in to the Reception desk at school.

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