Tynecastle CfE meeting rescheduled — and places still available!

The Curriculum for Excellence Conference for Parents that was scheduled for 10 November has been moved to Saturday 24 November (9.30am – 12.30pm); the venue is still Tynecastle High School.

This conference is on the Senior Phase of Curriculum for Excellence and will be of particular interest to parents of pupils in S1 to S3. The programme will focus on the S3 curriculum leading into S4 and preparation for new qualifications. It will also provide an opportunity to find out more about Curriculum for Excellence developments and strategies within the Broad General Education S1-S3. The Scottish Parent-Teacher Council are holding a conference of their own on 10 November. Our conference on Saturday 24 November will convey information to parents from this meeting as well.

We are asked to invite 6 parent representatives from Broughton to attend. Please let us know of your interest forthwith, and we will forward your name. Reach us, as always, at intouch@broughtonhighpc.org.

Just a little reminder as well, of the PC meeting at Broughton tonight, at 1830.

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