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Scotland scores ahead of other UK countries in core school subjects, according to a major world study


‘PISA,’ the Programme for International Student Assessment of 15-year-olds, puts Scotland above England, Wales and Northern Ireland this year for reading and maths. For science, Scotland is slightly behind England. This, according to the BBC this week. Read the whole story here.

Broughton teachers’ readiness for CfE’s ‘National 4 and 5’ exams — a statement from John Wilson, Headteacher

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Recent union polling has alerted parents to possible concern over Scottish teachers’ confidence in preparing students for next year’s ‘National 4’ and ‘National 5’ exams.  These are the revamped Intermediate and Higher SQA assessments.

The Parent Council’s Management Support Group at Broughton has queried John Wilson, Headteacher, on his feeling for the state of preparations at our school.  The news is good.

He said today, ‘[t]he management of education in Scotland is devolved to local authorities and individual schools very much work within local authority guidelines and support mechanisms.  Within these parameters I feel confident that staff at Broughton have taken advantage of all opportunities to develop understanding of the new qualifications. This process has been ongoing for several years, given that the new National qualifications will be based on the Experiences and Outcomes which have guided Scottish education up to and including S3.’

Tynecastle CfE meeting rescheduled — and places still available!

The Curriculum for Excellence Conference for Parents that was scheduled for 10 November has been moved to Saturday 24 November (9.30am – 12.30pm); the venue is still Tynecastle High School.

This conference is on the Senior Phase of Curriculum for Excellence and will be of particular interest to parents of pupils in S1 to S3. The programme will focus on the S3 curriculum leading into S4 and preparation for new qualifications. It will also provide an opportunity to find out more about Curriculum for Excellence developments and strategies within the Broad General Education S1-S3. The Scottish Parent-Teacher Council are holding a conference of their own on 10 November. Our conference on Saturday 24 November will convey information to parents from this meeting as well.

We are asked to invite 6 parent representatives from Broughton to attend. Please let us know of your interest forthwith, and we will forward your name. Reach us, as always, at

Just a little reminder as well, of the PC meeting at Broughton tonight, at 1830.

Curriculum for Excellence Information Session for Parents, 10 November 2012

6 places have just been offered to Broughton parents or community members for an information session on the Curriculum for Excellence initiative in Secondary Schools. This session, to be held in Tynecastle High School on Saturday 10 November 2012 from 0930 to 1300, will give parents the perfect opportunity to learn the details of all Curriculum for Excellence developments and strategies.

We should like to forward to CfE the names of our first 6 interested individuals by 26 October. Please therefore let us know of your interest as quickly as you can, at

two parent volunteer writers needed

The City of Edinburgh Council are looking for two parent volunteers to join a short-life group to write a parents’ advice booklet for the senior phase of Curriculum for Excellence. If you are interested in doing this, please get in touch with Angie Arthur, at the Council. Her e-mail address is ‘’.

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