Sounds Like Saturday / YMI Cafe — a great season!

french horn

We thought you’d all like to know that our Saturday music classes cafe has brought in about £700 profit for the school this term.

Our many thanks to everyone involved, especially the regular baking team Julia, Olivia & Jane, to student helpers Lauren Gaff, Ian Gilchrist, Lara Gray and Kirsten Knowles, and to the crew of regular volunteers:

Hugh Duffy & Naomi Crowley (parents of Ella S5, Lucie S2)
Julia Marshall & Olivia (S2) (and Alex S5)
Jane Bagshaw (parent of Tom S5, Amy S3)
Anna & Johnnie Webster (parents of Isabelle S4)
Mr Bosphore (French teacher),
Morag Kinnaird (Stuart S5)
Graeme Robertson & Mark (S1)

What a great effort! As always, parents and carers are more than welcome to come along and help!

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