Broughton teachers’ readiness for CfE’s ‘National 4 and 5’ exams — a statement from John Wilson, Headteacher

curriculum for excellence

Recent union polling has alerted parents to possible concern over Scottish teachers’ confidence in preparing students for next year’s ‘National 4’ and ‘National 5’ exams.  These are the revamped Intermediate and Higher SQA assessments.

The Parent Council’s Management Support Group at Broughton has queried John Wilson, Headteacher, on his feeling for the state of preparations at our school.  The news is good.

He said today, ‘[t]he management of education in Scotland is devolved to local authorities and individual schools very much work within local authority guidelines and support mechanisms.  Within these parameters I feel confident that staff at Broughton have taken advantage of all opportunities to develop understanding of the new qualifications. This process has been ongoing for several years, given that the new National qualifications will be based on the Experiences and Outcomes which have guided Scottish education up to and including S3.’

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