Nature cameraman Doug Allan visits Broughton




Maddy Bourne, depute head girl at Broughton High, was able, through a friend of her mother, to bring celebrated cameraman Doug Allan to school last week.  Doug is a freelance photographer and cameramen whose work has been shown in a large number of nature documentaries for the past 20 years, including those presented by David Attenborough.  It was he who contributed some of the most memorable scenes on Blue Planet, Life, and Frozen Planet.

Doug, who hails from Dunfermline, gave Broughton pupils a fine presentation about working in some of the world’s wildest places.

Said Maddy, about the visit, “It is really great to get Doug, as lots of people at the school are interested in the media.  Doug is so big in that scene.  The pupils are excited to see him.”

Headteacher John Wilson added, “Doug is so renowned as a documentary photographer and cameraman. I am delighted, as the inspiration for Doug coming here did not come from me or other teachers, but a senior student at the school.”

See STV coverage of this exciting event here.

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