S6 schools transition visits

stockbridgeVisits by Broughton senior pupils to our cluster schools — Flora’s, Ferryhill, Granton, and Stockbridge — are underway.  Our S6 visiting team consists of Katie Messer, Daniel McIvor, Tommy Loan, David Hand, Cailean Osborne, Tomiwa Folorunso, and Maddy Bourne.  By all accounts the P6 and P7’s who face the jump to high school soon are delighted by what they see and hear.  Kathryn Collier, P6 teacher at Stockbridge, writes, ‘I and the Primary 7 teacher were highly impressed with the talk. The Broughton seniors ensured they had a captivated audience at all times, spoke very well and were fantastic when answering questions.  Thank you for organising this.’  To our senior visiting team the Parent Council second this note of thanks!


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