our volunteering — it’s working!

broughtonFUNday1_0098A big thanks to everyone who helped staff the Broughton Association cafe at the Scottish Schools Pipe Band Championships on Saturday, and those who provided an abundance of delicious homebaking. It was a very busy day, reports organiser Naomi Crowley, with pipe bands coming from as far away as Benbecula! Here is a link to the event, if you want to see what was going on. Our pipers did very well!  There were a lot of positive comments about our school’s facilities, our stewards (Broughton senior pupils), and our cafe. (Only one customer was disappointed — they wanted a latte!)  The profit?  £405.  Naomi’s team shopped around to keep the prices down for everyone, which people pretty clearly appreciated.  More broadly, as Naomi observes, this is the sort of event that is really raising the profile of our school — which in turn benefits our kids.  Harald Tobermann, PC Chair, echoes this, saying, ‘[T]he value of such efforts is not only in the funds generated, but the raised school profile.  The BHS school roll has increased in recent years, bucking demographic trends: as school funding is tied to pupil numbers, this is clearly something all pupils at BHS benefit from.’
Well done, all!

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