The Broughton Association: another way for parents to get involved


You may have heard of the ‘Broughton Association’, and wondered what it is.

Answer: the fundraising arm of the Parent Council.  The general idea is to organise social activities to deepen relations between staff, parents, and others associated with the school, and to make money to donate to various places in school — club trips, for example, or learning materials, or things like software licences.

Want to get involved?  The BA meets the first Wednesday of the month during term time (6.30-7.30pm).  Current attendees are Carole Melee (Chair), Naomi Crowley (Treasurer), Fiona Robb, Jane Bremner, David Martin and Caroline McKeown. The school representative is Susan Bennett.  Just drop her a note, at if you’d be interested in joining in!

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