Big Debate: the Referendum!

On Wednesday 20 March, senior pupils from Broughton High School will debate the Referendum in ‘Question Time’ style, chaired by Arthur McIvor, Chief Executive of the Scottish Parliament & Business Exchange.  Local councillors will be in attendance.  Pupils have demonstrated high levels of engagement on this topic in recent months and the event is set to be lively and informative.  Community Learning & Development Worker at the City of Edinburgh Council, Callum McLeod, who is based at Broughton High School, organised the event.  The Parent Council will be tweeting live updates throughout.


One response to “Big Debate: the Referendum!”

  1. Callum McLeod says :

    So what do you think will be the most controversial comment or talked about point as folk walk out the door? I’m guessing more than one person will be expressing some passion!

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