calling all parents and carers — new study!


The Children & Families Department are seeking groups of parents/carers or teenagers who may be interested in contributing to the development of training around supporting teenagers mental health and emotional well-being. This would build on the already successful Raising Children With Confidence course but would be aimed at parents of teenagers and include the latest research and theories around adolescent brain development and behaviours. In order to inform the development of this programme, they are seeking the views of parents and carers of teenagers across the city.

Since the Children & Families Department appear to desire groups of parents and carers, who will participate in the study in blocs, please, if you are interested, contact the Broughton Parent Council in the first instance, at our usual ‘intouch’ address; if do we get a group interested, we will pass on the names together.

We hope there is some uptake on this. It could be a very useful study indeed!

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