It’s not all fundraising — An insight into Parent Council support


Thinking of getting involved with the Broughton Parent Council, but not sure what the Council does? A lot of people think it means fundraising. There is a certain amount of that. But parents who volunteer with us use their time and professional skills in many other ways to support the management and development of our school.

This month, for example, a parent spent time with the 6 probationer teachers who are preparing for their first round of interviews as qualified teachers. Doing what? Reviewing their presentation skills, helping them sharpen their teaching applications, and prepping them for interviews. Why? Because this parent is a professional recruiter. The probationers were really grateful, and so are we.

You probably have a professional skill the school could use. If you would like to support Broughton but don’t quite know how, why don’t you drop us an e-mail, telling us about your skills and experience? We would love to match you with a project, or even take your counsel on a project we haven’t thought of. There’s bound to be something. There’s always a way for everyone to help!

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