Triumphant season’s end from the Dance School

dance concert

The City of Edinburgh Dance School annual dance show was held on the nights of Wed 19th and Thurs 20th June and was a resounding success, reports Helen Davies! The cast was comprised mainly of pupils from the specialist dance school at Broughton High School and also featured a performance from the P6 and P7 Talented Young Performers pupils. The dancers performed an exhilarating blend of high energy dances such as the winning junior and senior entries in the Edinburgh Schools Dance Competition, alongside beautiful contemporary routines such as the dance performed by the S3 class as part of the Dance Quest project at the Festival Theatre. There were also 2 pieces choreographed by Higher Dance pupils and a rousing finale to music from Chorus Line performed by all 125 dancers. It was unanimously agreed by all who attended both sold out shows that the standard of the dancers was incredibly high and each and every one of them deserves recognition for the effort they gave.

All the talented dance staff consisting of Pamela Day, Jenni Inglis, Laura Proudfoot, Amanda McNally and Charly Jarvis deserve a huge thank you for their fantastic choreography and teaching, with the biggest thank you reserved for Pamela Day whose contribution was vital to the success of the show.

A very professional 3-camera DVD recording was made of Wednesday night’s show and will be available to purchase in August for £6, so please contact a member of the dance staff if you would like to order a copy.

There were a variety of awards given out to the dancers at the end of Thursday night’s show and these are listed below:

Medals – P6
• Excellence in Dance – Emily Ward
• Best Performer – Emma Mitchel

Medals – P7
• Excellence in Dance- Abby Pickavance
• Best Performer – Nicole Heron

Medals – S1
• Most improved – Kira Stade
• Most Consistent Dancer – performance, technique, improvement and behaviour –Arran Goddard
• Excellence in Dance- Performance Award – Erin Moonie

Medals – S2
• Most Improved –Sophie Cunningham
• Most Consistent Dancer – Niamh McNulty
• Excellence in Dance- Performance Award – Helen Hunter

Medals – S3
• Most Improved – Amy Evans
• Most Consistent– performance, technique behaviour –Chloe Stevens
• Excellence in Dance- Performance Award – Alex Riley

Medals – S4
• Most Improved – Rachel Walker
• Most Consistent Dancer – Nadia Cetrangolo
• Excellence in Dance- Performance Award – Holly Stevens

Medals – S5/6
• Most Improved – Emma Fraser- Reid
• Most Consistent – performance, technique – Taylor Doig
• Excellence in Dance – Performance Award – Lauren Gaff

• Broughton High School Junior Performer of the Year – Anna McDonald

• Broughton High School Senior Performer of the Year – Lauren Gaff

• Choreography of the Year – Kirsty Simpson. Kirsty continuously told the dance staff that she couldn’t choreograph a 2 minute piece for her Higher exam and that she wasn’t going to be able to do it and not only did she produce a well thought out piece, it was also very emotional and got the highest mark for Higher choreography!

• Dancer of the Year – Helena Campbell. Helena is a very eager, talented dancer and performer. She is a joy to have in class and approaches all her work with maturity and sensitivity. She has a beautiful movement quality and we have no doubt that she will go on to be very successful in her dance career!

• Raymond Kaye Memorial Trophy – Ewan Hambleton. Raymond Kaye was a very accomplished dancer, teacher and choreographer and colleague who worked here at Broughton for many years until his sad passing two years ago from cancer. The memorial trophy is awarded in his honour to a pupil who is a fantastic performer and shows real potential and I know Raymond would have been really excited about the potential of this pupil. This student has shown great determination, consistent improvement, is a great encourager to others, has fantastic teaching skills and is someone to watch out for in the future!

The hard-working dancers who performed in the show are listed below:

S1 Dancers

• Romy Fraser Reid
• Arran Goddard
• Isla Cleland
• Ellie Darge
• Lauryn Fraser
• Finlay Halliday
• Leigh Heron
• Cerys Jones
• Emma Jones
• Anna Kennedy
• Brooke Killin
• Beth Lawrie
• Jade Macleod
• Erin Moonie
• Niamh Quinn
• Billie Ramsay
• Tamara Robertson
• Kira Stade

S2 Dancers

• Natalka Browarczyk
• Charlee Cameron
• Alisha Cowper-Barrie
• Sophie Cunningham
• Amy Dickson
• Aoife Fisher
• James Gilhooly
• Leanne Gray
• Helen Hunter
• Morgan Igoe
• Hannah Lewis
• Iona Lewis
• Molly Lueck
• Jemma Macleod
• Keavey Malloy
• Chloe McClean
• Sofia McCorkindale
• Niamh McNulty
• Angelica Mollica
• Ruaridh Mollica
• Natalie O’Brien
• Nicole Smith
• Magnus Westwell
• Beth Wilkie

S3 Dancers

• Jasmyn Anderson
• Amy Bagshaw
• Erin Baillie
• Hannah Beisel
• Gregor Campbell
• Tida Delvalle
• Sarah Docwra
• Amy Jo Evans
• Catriona Gabriel
• Aillidh Gladstone-Wallace
• Ewan Hambelton
• Angel Jongshansitto
• Anna Macdonald
• Isla Melee
• Rebecca Nolan
• Greta Penny Tobermann
• Alex Reilly
• Mara Smith
• Chloe Stevens
• Megan Stewart
• Alix Taylor

S4 Dancers

• Alexandra Barnard
• Nadia Cetrangolo
• Eve Dorrian
• Emma Geraghty
• Natasha Jenkins
• Lauren Kerslake
• Lindsay McGowan
• Kirsty Simpson
• Holly Stevens
• Rachel Walker
• Kirsten McGregor
• Charlotte Nicolson

S5/6 Dancers

• Taylor Doig
• Emma Fraser Reid
• Lauren Gaff
• Alicja Jankowska
• Shona Pendreigh
• Chloe Kibble
• Louise French

P6 Dancers

Katie Broadway
Hannah Baillie
Jessica Nolan
Hannah McDougall
Isabella Paterson
Amy Anderson
Abby Loughran
Alice Semple
Neve Clelland
Emily Ward
Muirin McGowan
Emma Mitchell
Breana Black
Elif Yildrim
Kheeva McCafferty
Robyn McClean
Lucile Bell
Ellie MacDonald

P7 Dancers

Roisin Caufield
Georgia Combe
Michael Denvir
Ellie Grace
Olivia Graham
Mary Hargest
Iona Henderson
Neela Hossain
Emily Jefferson
Emma Kenendy
Gemma Laing
Hannah Lynch
Lily McCorkindale
Katie McKenzie
Lucy Mucklow
Abby Pickavance
Alice Prince Tappe
Ziad Segalla Humbert
Sarah Thomson
Emily Whitlie
Asya Yildrim
Aimee Harrison
Eilidh West
Nicole Heron
Ellie McKenzie
Georgina Arena Terry

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