SQA Results … what to do when they come


On Tuesday 6 August you will receive your SQA results by text or post. We hope that everyone achieves the results they deserve. However, if results are not as expected and you wish to contact the school to speak to someone, phone 0131 332 7805 between 9am and 3pm.

If you have not met your university condition, and you think that you are eligible for an appeal, contact the school to make an appointment to speak to Mrs Bennett. There is a fast track appeal process for students in this situation.

If you are not eligible for an appeal (for example, you did not do well in your prelim) you will need to consider other options such as finding another course with lower entrance requirements through UCAS Clearance or looking at a college course.

If you have not met the entry requirements for one of your subjects, and you wish to continue in the same subject but at the lower level, you do not have to do anything. Your course will automatically be amended. If you wish to be re-coursed, contact the School Office to make an appointment with Ms Cumming.

If you wish to change your course because you have performed better (or worse) than you expected, contact the School Office to make an appointment to see Ms Cumming for a change of course.

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