200 Club summer winners

grant money

What! The first 200 Club draw of 2013-14? Technically, yes, even though it’s still summertime. And here are the lucky players who have won some hot-weather spending money this week:

1st place: £40.00 (Mrs E Todd)
2nd place: £25.00 (Mr D Martin)
3rd place: £19.00 (Mr R H Taylor)
4th place: £13.00 (Mr D Brownlee)
5th place: £10.00 (Ms C Virtue)

Total pay-out: £107.00
Total income for the school: £266.00

And here, for your beach reading, are some interesting facts from the 2012-13 year:

• Total income from the 200 Club: £3,311
• Total prize-giving: £1,451
• Surplus for year: £1,860
• Accumulated surplus waiting to be spent: £7,565
• Active members in the 200 Club: 63
• Members who have won at least once: 35
• Members who have made a net gain over the year (totalling £155 between them): 11
• The biggest winning streaks: One person won 6 times, yielding £95 in total (a £35 gain) over the year. 4 others won 3 times, and 12 won twice. 12 members won at least £50 (each) throughout the year.

You can’t win if you don’t play — and if you do play, it’s ALWAYS good for Broughton High!

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