SQA Post Results Service 2015 — and news about appeals


This year’s SQA examination results will be sent to your child on Tuesday 4th August. These will be delivered by first class post. Your child can also sign up to receive the results by text or email through ‘MySQA’.

The SQA no longer offers an Appeals service.  Where a candidate’s grade is significantly different from that expected, based on the evidence the school holds about the candidate’s performance throughout the course, a school may request a clerical check and/or an SQA marking review. The candidate must, however, give permission for this in writing. A clerical check is a check that all questions have been marked and all marks totalled correctly. A marking review is where an SQA senior examiner will review the marks awarded to each question to ensure that the original marking was in line with national standards: the work will not be remarked. The decision to ask for a marking review rests solely with the school, and no alternative evidence will be sent to the SQA. The only evidence checked is the candidate’s 2015 examination script. As a result of a clerical check and/or marking review, the candidate’s grade may stay the same or be amended up or down. Decisions about the grade awarded will be made solely on the candidate’s performance in the SQA examination. Should you have any questions about your child’s results following results day, you should contact Susan Bennett (DHT) in the first instance. If the school decides to make a Post Results Service request for your child, we will advise you as to the steps that need to be taken.

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