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SQA Post Results Service 2015 — and news about appeals


This year’s SQA examination results will be sent to your child on Tuesday 4th August. These will be delivered by first class post. Your child can also sign up to receive the results by text or email through ‘MySQA’.

The SQA no longer offers an Appeals service.  Where a candidate’s grade is significantly different from that expected, based on the evidence the school holds about the candidate’s performance throughout the course, a school may request a clerical check and/or an SQA marking review. The candidate must, however, give permission for this in writing. A clerical check is a check that all questions have been marked and all marks totalled correctly. A marking review is where an SQA senior examiner will review the marks awarded to each question to ensure that the original marking was in line with national standards: the work will not be remarked. The decision to ask for a marking review rests solely with the school, and no alternative evidence will be sent to the SQA. The only evidence checked is the candidate’s 2015 examination script. As a result of a clerical check and/or marking review, the candidate’s grade may stay the same or be amended up or down. Decisions about the grade awarded will be made solely on the candidate’s performance in the SQA examination. Should you have any questions about your child’s results following results day, you should contact Susan Bennett (DHT) in the first instance. If the school decides to make a Post Results Service request for your child, we will advise you as to the steps that need to be taken.

Highers in a Nutshell — updates available now

national parent forum logo

Just a reminder, the National Parent Forum continues to roll out superb one-sheet factfiles about each of the SQA Highers.  Look at them, and the very helpful parent comments that go with them, here.  You can offer your own comments and insights too!  This is a terrifically useful resources for helping you and your anxious youngster plan the way to all the right courses.

January update from the SQA


Here is the latest, on a variety of things, direct from the Scottish Qualifications Authority!

‘Refreshed CfE Web Pages

SQA’s website is one of the main channels we use to communicate and engage with all of our audience groups on the development and implementation of the new National Qualifications. We want to ensure that it meets their needs and allows them to access relevant information.

We have recently undertaken user testing of the web pages with each of our main audience groups. As a result of this work and the feedback we received, we have redesigned and restructured the pages to make them clearer and easier for them to understand and navigate their way around – allowing them to find the information they are looking for.

The new web pages are now available to view online at

Please let us know what you think of them by sending your comments to
CfE Leaflets

In addition to the CfE website, our CfE audience group leaflets have become a key communication channel for engaging with our audience groups and ensuring that they are prepared for when the new National Qualifications will be implemented in schools and colleges.  Our CfE audience leaflets have recently been updated. We have introduced a new leaflet for Universities and our Centres leaflet has been expanded into two separate publications for Schools and Colleges.  Copies of the new leaflets are available on SQA’s website and can be downloaded as pdf files:

Draft Course Assessment Specifications for Advanced Higher

SQA has published draft Course Assessment Specifications for Advanced Higher.

These documents define the mandatory assessment requirements for Advanced Higher. The documents describe the structure of the Course assessment and the mandatory skills, knowledge and understanding that will be assessed and state which aspects of added value will be used to address the purposes and aims of the Course.

Course Assessment Specifications will support practitioners and centres, enabling them to help learners prepare for Course Assessment. They can be accessed using the subject drop-down menu at

You can give us your feedback on the draft Advanced Higher Course Assessment Specifications via ‘Have Your Say’ at

Final documents for Advanced Higher will be published at the end of April 2013.

You can also view this update online at’

qualifications update from the SQA

New Qualifications – August Update

New Guide

A guide about the new qualifications is now available for parents and carers. It is available to download from the dedicated section of our website –

On our website, you can find other useful resources such as our Mythbuster and Jargonbuster.


Information about the new qualifications for Higher Education institutions is now available on our website. Visit

Advanced Higher

The draft Course Specifications for the new Advanced Higher qualifications were published at the end of May.

Use the subject drop-down menu at find the documents for each subject.

Find out more about Advanced Higher –

We continue to seek your feedback on these documents as the qualifications are developed.

You can give your feedback via Have Your Say –

The new Advanced Highers will be introduced in 2015/16.

Assessment Overviews

Assessment overviews have now been published on our website for every Course from National 2 to National 5.

The assessment overviews describe the Course and Unit assessment support materials that we will produce for teachers and lecturers in session 2012/13 by subject and level.

Use the subject drop-down menu at find the assessment overviews for each subject.

In response to practitioner requests for these materials as early as possible, the Scottish Government has provided additional funding to SQA. This has allowed us to bring forward the publication of these materials. The first package of Unit assessment support will be available in October (as opposed to the original February milestone) and further packages will follow in February and April 2013.

Each package of Unit assessment will provide practitioners with materials that cover the requirements of the Course. It will also provide information on how to gather evidence and make assessment judgments. The materials will be ready to use, but centres will be free to develop their own assessment packages. The Unit assessment support will be published in a secure, electronic format.

The specimen question papers will be published on our website by end of February 2013. All specimen Coursework will be available by 30 April 2013 in a phased release on our website.

Course and Unit assessment support for Highers will be available by the end of April 2014.

Use the subject drop-down menu at find the assessment overviews for each subject.

CfE Events

SQA’s next Curriculum Area Events will be held in September 2012. These events will provide a range of information and advice on the design and development of the new qualifications as well as an update on progress in each curriculum area. The events also allow delegates to discuss the final Course and Unit Specifications and Course and Unit delivery for a particular subject in the curriculum area.

The Subject Implementation Events, being run from October 2012 to March 2013, will give subject practitioners an overview of the assessment support materials that will be produced ahead of the new National Courses starting in August 2013 – National 2 to National 5. There will be around 150 events across the country, giving subject staff the opportunity to find out more about the delivery and assessment of the new qualifications, National 2 to National 5. This will include Unit assessment guidance, specimen question papers, coursework and marking instructions.

Our CfE Liaison team are continuing to support local events:


Education Scotland this week have launched a national campaign which aims to help parents and carers to develop a better understanding of Curriculum for Excellence and to become more involved in their child’s learning.

Parentzoneis a website dedicated to providing parents and carers with the most up-to-date information about their child’s education. It provides practical advice and suggests ways in which parents and carers can be involved in their child’s learning, as well as supplying essential information on features of Curriculum for Excellence. Get involved today by visiting Parentzone.

SQA Exam Results

Exam results will be issued on August 7th.

Students or parents with queries about course choices can contact Ms Cumming after results are known.

In addition, appointments can be made with Guidance staff on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th August to investigate re-coursing options if these are required.

To discuss any concerns or make an appointment, please call 332 7805.

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