Invitation to judge the YPI Final on Wednesday 18th Nov.


Would someone from the parent council be free to come and help to judge the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) final in Broughton High School on Wednesday 18th November at 2pm it will probably last till 3/3.30 pm?

This is a programme that all S5 pupils are involved in during Citizenship time and they have the chance to win £3,000 to give to a charity within Edinburgh. They will be doing presentations on Wednesday 18th November to show the charities that they have visited. The Wood family trust donate £2,500 to the winning team and the school will raise an extra £500 to give to the winning team to make it up to £3,000 which is then given to the charity.

Here is a link to find out more about YPI in Scotland

If you would like to be a YPI judge, please drop a note to Lydia Milazzo, RMPS and Psychology teacher at Broughton, at   

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