WELCOME S1 families! School information isn’t a secret. Don’t want to be kept in the dark?

hot off the press

Join over 600 other parents and carers who are signed up this year for e-mail alerts! Click here to get yourself started:  https://broughtonhighpc.org

Follow us online for Twitter and Facebook alerts here:  https://broughtonhighpc.org/contact-us/

And why not pop along to one of the school meetings – no pressure, no obligation, just a genuine open door to find out more first-hand. Where does Council money get spent?  Who is teaching our kids?  How does the new curriculum work?  We’ve got all your answers.  Got ideas to improve communications?  Raise funds?  Enrich our learning environment?  Tell us what you’re thinking!  The meeting calendar is on our website, here:  https://broughtonhighpc.org/meetings/

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