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Volunteers, come check out the Communications Committee in January!

meeting group
Looking for ways to get involved with the Parent Council?  Come to a no-obligation, information-only meeting on Wednesday 18 January, at 6:00!
The Comms Committee is looking for …
  • proof readers for the school & PC website
  • people with some time to coordinate PC newspaper content from teachers (deadline before Easter holiday)
  • amateur designers to help format the newspaper
  • people who can help manage our various social media accounts
  • people to  promote 200 Club sign-ups (in  person at school events and online)

There’s lots to do, and we need your help!  Please reply to this post, or get in touch at the usual e-address.  We’re looking forward to meeting you!

One-hour volunteers needed for Music Café, Sunday 6 November

Dear All

We are looking for volunteers to help staff our cafe on Sunday 6th Nov in 1 hour slots from 9am to 4pm. This is for the National Concert Band Competition, being held at Broughton High School. We run cafes at events at the school to help raise valuable funds for the school for things that are not normally covered by the school budgets such as extra trips, after school and lunch clubs, extra equipment, school ties, etc.

We rely on parents to help staff these cafes and as you so kindly helped at Septemberfest we thought we would ask for your help again. 

Thank you

Naomi Crowley

Broughton High School Association (the PTA bit of the Parent Council)


WELCOME S1 families! School information isn’t a secret. Don’t want to be kept in the dark?

hot off the press

Join over 600 other parents and carers who are signed up this year for e-mail alerts! Click here to get yourself started:

Follow us online for Twitter and Facebook alerts here:

And why not pop along to one of the school meetings – no pressure, no obligation, just a genuine open door to find out more first-hand. Where does Council money get spent?  Who is teaching our kids?  How does the new curriculum work?  We’ve got all your answers.  Got ideas to improve communications?  Raise funds?  Enrich our learning environment?  Tell us what you’re thinking!  The meeting calendar is on our website, here:

S1 & S2 Parents WANTED: in-person and online supporters needed for school events, management, and general profile-raising

meeting group

We have a great army of committed parents who each give a few hours every term to help in a variety of ways. Some attend meetings, some help with fundraising, some help run events, and some help with PR.

What could you do? What time could you give?  Every little bit helps, and all talents are welcome!

Read more about us at the Parent Council website:

WANTED; Broughton High School Teacher to help get school newspaper ready for Septemberfest 2016

Attention, Broughton teachers! We need someone willing to be the contact point for the Parent Council’s annual newspaper project.

At the moment, we’re trying to find a parent volunteer who will do the actual layout and editing, mostly of material collected from the School and PC blogs from last year.

Alternatively, instead of involving a parent volunteer, could this not be a super senior pupil portfolio project? Maybe you have a sixth-year team who could put this together!  It would teach them InDesign and Scribus template software – no bad thing for entering the work world.

We’re ready to brief you on what needs to be done. Please help make our newspaper happen!

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