How you can help save the music school

Broughton High School Parent Council

The proposal by Edinburgh City Council to withdraw funding from the Music Schools at Broughton High and Flora Stevenson’s would mean the loss of staff and equipment and could reduce instrumental tuition for all pupils. We believe it would have a negative impact on the whole of both schools.

This proposal will be debated again by the Finance and Resources Committee on Tuesday 7 November 2017

What you can do:

• Contact your Councillors or MSPs who have not replied – surgeries and direct phone calls are good
• Write to your Councillors or MSP if you have not done so already. You can find the names of your local councillors on this site and send them your message:

If you live outwith the City of Edinburgh, please contact your MSP.

• Like and share the new campaign Facebook page – Save The City of Edinburgh Music School
• Follow Savecoems on Twitter
• Follow Savecoems on Instagram
• Talk to friends and family about campaign news and successes


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