New FAQs page and Ask a Parent e-mail

There is a lot for parents and carers to learn when their child starts High School!  We have set up a new FAQ page on the Parent Council website ( which will answer some of the questions people new to the school might have, e.g:

Who do I contact if I need to speak to someone about my child?

What are the different classes – tutor group, point and sets?

How will I find out about my child’s progress?

The school’s website, social media and the new app all provide information, but sometimes you just want to ask another parent!  Unlike at primary school, we don’t have the same opportunities to bump into each other at the school gate, so the PC have set up an e-mail service.  E-mail:

and a volunteer from the PC will do their best to help!  Obviously, they will not be able to comment re. individual pupils or staff, but they can offer advice from the parent’s point of view.

Many thanks to Claire Cowell and Lucy Mason, parents at the school, who have put a lot of effort into bringing these FAQs and the e-mail service together!


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