200 Club draw

Congratulations to the lucky winners in the 200 Club September and October draws, both done last night.  What will you spend your winnings on?

Remember, you can join the 200 Club fundraising lottery from only £5 per month and you could be one of the winners next time!   Proceeds go to the Broughton High School Association or Friends of Stockbridge Primary – you can nominate your school when you join.  Last year the 200 Club raised a whopping £1385 for the Broughton Association!

For more information contact Colin Gilbert, e-mail : 200Club@broughtonhighpc.org .

Finally, many thanks to our witnesses – Claire, who has been involved for several years, and Anna, who witnessed a draw for the first time!  We are still looking for another witness to let Claire move on – the only commitment required is an hour or so once per month.

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